Wednesday, May 18, 2011

berikan aku masa

err sangat bosan walaupun saya ada paper esok ;)
i wanna to talk bout something missing..
huh  =_='
saya dah tak tahu nk cakap apa..

well well well..
tiada yg kekal abadi dalam dunia ni..

but i'm talking bout real life..
friends, family, people round me..
u're cheating me if u say u never think over
and over bout probss..
and i found it..
it's about your 'emotion'

nothing trouble happen if u can
control your emotion..
and i will 'tabik' for those never lost with their 'emosi'

spm is coming around..
i love family, spm, and u!

spm 2011
14 nov - 30 nov 2011 (science stream)
14 nov - 6 dec 2011 (account)
14 nov - 5 dec 2011 (art)

good luck dearest ;)

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