Sunday, March 6, 2011

sangat membosankan

saya sudah sangat bosan..
okay people, this is post marahmarah..
xsuka? sila keluar..
and leave here without asking any Q's
please! and thankyou!

manusia sangat complicated..
why it so complicated? because, manusia memang
sangat susah untuk diciptakan dan memang tiada
sainstis yang bole mencipta seorang manusia..
diaorang hanya bole mencipta robot yang menyerupai
manusia yang tiada hati, perasaan and 'otak'..

different human, different habit..
and i'm so tired of this..drama!
i really admit it, world is drama!
and at the end, it's nothing..

let it come like raining, they will go without
any marks when the raining stop..

dan sungguh, saya tahu apa yg perlu saya buat
selepas ini, dear heart..keep one will
help u..only u baby..handle it by urself.. :')

p/s: this is for me..

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